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12v tire inflator from Sears

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Price:  ~ $60.

Got one of these from Sears to boost chronic low tire pressures.  So far so good after one use to boost pressure on four tires on a Prius from 25 to 35 psi.  This took about two minutes on each tire.  The hose connector screws on easily and securely with minimal leakage.  I liked the screw in design better than those with flimsy clip on levers or even standard gas station inflators.  The pressure gauge is quite accurate.  I checked tire pressure with a standard tire gauge to check on it.

Does not have automatic pressure cutoff feature – personally I wouldn’t want one as it adds breakable complexity to an already obviously low cost tool.

The spec on the box states 30 PSI.   I had concerns about this as most tires need more pressure than this.  An inspection of the pressure gauge shows pressures well above 30 PSI.  Obviously, the 30 PSI spec is meaningless to me.

I didn’t find much by way of reviews before I bought it.  Later I find  a number of reviews which point to possible durability problems with the hose connector, 12V  plug, fuse, and motor with damage reports after a couple of uses.

At this point – sorry – this article won’t help with only one usage.  I’m thinking that the design seems to be reasonably solid …  but QA issues are possible for sure;  maybe inspect the parts carefully for defects at the store, before buying it ?  And put in enough usage within the in-store return warranty period.

If it works for 10 inflations, it will be a break even value for me as I really dislike filling tire pressure at gas stations after the tire pressure light goes on.  I would pay a kid $6 to pump up my tires rather than drive down to Kamehameha Highway  which is now one 10 mile-long pothole as Honolulu build’s its rail system.

Some Reviews can be found here:


Slow Leak on the Michelins

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May 23 2015.  The Buick developed a slow leak couple of weeks ago that caused the tire pressure gage alarm to come on.   The mechanic said fill all the tires to 35 psi and watch.   Took a couple of weeks actually to identify the tire – right front- and find the nail (1″ flathead tack).  Took it in today (Saturday), and while I waited, the mechanic asked me to turn the wheel, saw the nail, drew it out, replaced it with an awl and worked it in (maybe 1/8″ or slightly bigger).  Then tire patch material, a strip of rubberlike tape 1/8″ wide and 5″ long doubled over, covered with some kind of clear sticky dope, and with another awl-like tool, worked the patch into the hole until 1/4″ was sticking out – which he clipped off.   $20.

The  roadwork in the neighborhood has steel plates and patches everywhere and just beating the crap out of tires.  Mine have chunks missing from thread edges, especially on the outside of the tire contact patch.  “Michelin has that problem” was what the mechanic said about the problem.