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Buying a New Tmobile Smartphone

Posted in Android, Cell Phone with tags , on August 27, 2011 by marksun

I’m looking at upgrading my Tmobile Gravity and considering my options. Tablet aside, there’s the Samsung Galaxy-S ($150 upgrade), HTC Sensation ($270 upgrade, dual core), Mytouch ($270?, dual core). The choice seems to be between the Galaxy-S and the newer dual core phones which are faster. The downside of the Galaxy is its single core processor, it may be more prone to freezing when multi-tasking.  Pros:  cost, the screen is possibly the best around, former #1 Tmobile smartphone. From the reviews it seems the HTC is now #1.  Pros:  dual core,  camera flash, 2.3 Android Gingerbread OS, multi-tasking doesn’t freeze phone). Cons on the HTC expensive, speakerphone is not so hot, low volume, battery life, battery sucking features like a flash for the camera and dual core processor. From a feature/tech standpoint, the HTC seems to be the top phone. User reviews are consistently positive. Battery life is inversely relational to computing power – that’s just how it is.  The #1 “con”  in reviews is battery life with speaker phone performance the #2 downside . Hard to say from the reviews but the Galaxy S may have a better speaker phone.  But is the HTC worth nearly double the price of the Galaxy?