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Windows 7 Printer Spooler keeps crashing

Posted in Computers with tags , , on November 5, 2011 by marksun

From the WTF and “Not to be confused with the printing problem caused by the router”  Department.

Out of the blue the Windows 7 machine has  a problem where  the printer spooler crashes whenever D tries to print Google Maps.  Without the spooler in a “started” status, the printer disappears as a printer device.  When the spooler restarts, the printer is visible again.

Explorer 9 / Google Maps seems to trigger the crash.  There may also be a problem with large PDF files (adobe). Smaller jobs  print OK.

If this is the problem the printer will be pingable but down because the spooler, and not the network, is down.

In looking at reports of problems with windows 7 spooler issues, some note that the presence of FLASH  .SPL and .SHD files in  windows\system32\spool\printer can cause problems and that deletion of the FLASH files fixes problems.  There are indeed two such files on D’s machine, that I can’t delete because they are open.  But possibly not the problem … printer printed since these files were seen and I’ve yet to verify if they’ve cleared..

There are restart options attached to the spooler.  Eg. I now have it set to always restart the spooler … maybe you don’t always want to do this because it fills up a log or something, or possibly the conditions are serious enough that Microsoft wants an admin to look at it so takes the spooler down until the system reboots?  So now when the spooler crashes, the printers are restored after a 60 sec timeout.