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the case of the whacked phone

Posted in house tech, technology with tags on October 2, 2010 by marksun

Our landline phones had problems for the past month.  The problem was intermittent, no dial tone, a call would drop after 4 rings or the call would drop due to noise.  After a while though, the line would eventually come back up.  When HawTel checked from the outside,  they determined the problem was internal to the building.  They could see a short on the customer side of the service point.  Today, the HTel tech Mike came to the house and found the line with a short circuit causing the intermittent problem.  The short was not a dead short but measured at 4 megohms – all the same to his meter . Later, I examined the wire closely and the problem is obvious – plastic insulator cracked and brittle with bare copper showing.  The case of the whacked phone is solved.