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Kolea take off for Alaska 20 April 2011

Posted in birds with tags on May 1, 2011 by marksun

Every year the Kolea (golden plover) migrate between Hawaii and Alaska, ariving in August and flying off in April.   I have always wondered what makes them take off.  Looking through my notes here are some dates for the past few years.  It is like the Kolea are on a solar calendar.  A few spot checks of the moon phase seems to say that it’s not the moon they are waiting for.  Weather?  This year they seem to have taken off at night.   It’ s a mystery how they make up their collective minds.

April 25 2005 kolea fly
Aug 18 2006  see 2 kolea
April  28 2007 most kolea gone
April 20 2017 kolea flew off ( 4/27/17 I saw one straggler)
April 21 2018  kolea not around – probably flew yesterday

August 12 2008  kolea return
April 25 2009  kolea fly off
April 25 2010  kolea depart
August 12 2010 Kolea return
April 20 2011  kolea depart
Aug 4 2011 Kolea back