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Jump starting the Prius

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on May 6, 2014 by marksun

This morning our approximately 4 year old 2010 Prius 12V auxiliary battery went dead .    In this situation the Prius can easily be jump started.  The correct way is to use the red positive jump point in the engine compartment.  That was not a go because of the way the car was parked and the jumper cables were no where near long enough to reach.

However the battery is in the “trunk”, passenger side  way at the right rear corner.  Lift open the hatchback and the battery is right there.

The key remote would barely work to unlock the doors and the hatchback would not unlock.  To get the hatchback unlocked,  I crawled in via the back seat, reached and found an opening where the latch is and stuck my fingers in to find a small lever that moves with finger pressure.  Move it to the side, and someone on the outside can now open the hatchback.  The 12V battery is on the right of the cargo compartment under a vinyl cover and easily accesible.  I jumped the 12V battery on the positive connection point and  one of the chassis bolts (negative) with my other car battery.

No need to start the car because  the 12V just  powers up the computer.  Start the Prius normally – foot on brake, push the Power button and the car boots (READY) and the Prius is driveable again – just don’t turn it off!

I suspect it would not take much of a battery to jump start the car… probably one amp at 12-14 V would do it.   Any 12V dc source might do it.

Now replacing the battery is some serious expense at about $300.   Battery alone is $300.  Labor another $60.  I haven’t done it and there are a few tricks you need to know …. perhaps I’ll have something to say about this in the future.

You can get after market “Yellow Top” batteries for $165 … If you know you need one (and you do after four years), this is an option. The big problem in Hawaii is that the shipping is about $100.  So the part cost is now $265 – still better than $300 but not by much.  This is a better battery than the original by all accounts.  I’d think about it and start looking around for cheaper shipping or a local source  – in four years or 2018 – omg…