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Android Downloads – Sky Map and GPS Test Plus

Posted in Computers, technology with tags , , on October 23, 2010 by marksun

For the Samsung Galaxy downloaded two apps:

Google Sky Maps ( free )

An awesome GPS enabled app for providing a sky map that identifies objects as you hold up the phone against the night sky.  Ever wonder what that constellation is?  It’s Perseus!

GPS firmware Upgrades

Recently, Tmobile/Samsung sent out an upgrade that fixed long-standing flaws in the GPS software.  The GPS is working, it works with Google maps too, and poinpoints location on the map with accuracy more than good enough to call in an airstrike.

GPS Test Plus :

Adds basic GPS satellite monitoring functionality to monitor satellite usage, signal strength, an accuracy calculation,  lat/long, elevation, speed and heading.    This was a purchase with a credit card: cost  L1.5 (british pounds)… about $3.