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Roger Penrose drops a black hole on the Big Bang

Posted in Cosmlogy with tags , , on November 24, 2010 by marksun

Here’s Roger Penrose’s twist on the Big Bang.  Imagery from WMAP and the Boomerang balloon borne experiment contain data which show concentric circles on the cosmic background radiation.   Roger suggests these are the predictable result of gravity waves caused by the cataclysmic events tied to black holes at some time prior to the big bang.  Penrose is not convinced that inflationary theory adequately explains the beginning of the Universe and Time.  Inflationary theory, ingenious as it is, does poor job of explaining how the primal singularity “developed” and in particular offers no explanation for the ultimately low entropy of the Universe’s beginning.  Rogers idea is that black holes were involved.

Roger maintains that black holes destroy all information inside their event horizon.  The universe is expanding now and in doing so will become infinitely large.  It doesn’t seem that Rogers idea replaces a big bang… there was a big bang, something like inflation occurred… but there was an antecedent to the big bang and that was the occurrence of a situation of vanishingly small entropy, a state of no thing before yin separated from yang.

The universe is riddled with black holes.  Information may disappear inside of a black hole but  the black hole itself is a huge  gravity well,  and the behavior of matter and radiation around it  reveal its existence.  Thus it appears that there are giant black holes at the core of our galaxy, and likely the core of others.  The astronomical imagery provides candidates all over the place.  Black holes are developing now and as they grow, the  information loss equates to the increasing entropy of the Universe.  The extent to which they are  tied to expansion, if at all, is not clear.  The current theory of black holes is that they evaporate, according to Penrose, more so in the fully expanded universe, and in doing so entropy reverses,  the randomness of the universe becomes infinitely small and what was infinitely large becomes infinitely small, a reverse Big Bang of unimaginable violence, to become another Big Bang.  The gravity waves from the  black hole (evaporation?) may be written onto the cosmic background as concentric circles, indications that there was “time” before the big bang.

or something like dat.

— Post note — I gather that this idea took a lot of flak.