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August 2017-
While I use it, Robocopy can produce unexepected behavior, and worse, not backup files. I’ll accept the fault as my own for not completely reading or understanding everything available on robocopy. As I discover problems, I’ll try to update here.  I’d be pretty happy with tar or cpio, but it is what it is.

This is pretty good:

robocopy %home%\Pictures %mybk%\Pictures  /XO /FFT
This command does not backup new files and directories on my %home% directory!  I fully expected it to copy new files and folders but IT DOES NOT.  No idea why.

To make it copy all files I added /MIR and got rid of /XO
robocopy %home%\Pictures %mybk%\Pictures /MIR  /FFT

/XO  I had this there to prevent robocopy from copying files that already exist but this may in fact prevent it from copying files that DONT exist on the destination!  removing it.

/FFT is absolutely necessary to make timestamp comparisons work between Windows7 and the LINUX OS on the backup drive – a WD MyBook.  The backup will fail silently without /FFT.

/MIR is supposed to mirror the file dirs of source and destination.  if a file is deleted on the source, it should delete on the destination!

Below are current (aug2017) settings   – in this case for a single \Pictures  directory

set home=”C:\users\xxxxxxx”
set mybk=”Y:\xxxxxxxprofile”

echo Picture Backup Start
robocopy %home%\Pictures %mybk%\Pictures /MIR /FFT


Protected: Backups to MyBook Drive

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Windows7 Backup

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Quick note:

Tried the Windows7 Backup on the XYL’s computer and it seems to be a reasonably good option to backup the users profile, i.e. all files under the users home directory, favorites, desktop, documents etc, to an external drive.

start menu, type in “backup” to get to the setup menu.  As usual,  ez google hits.

300 G of files took hours.  I started at 2200 and was 50% done at 2400.