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Ants in the worm bin

Posted in ants with tags , on October 4, 2017 by marksun

I can explain.  I keep a set of plastic bins to for raising red composting earthworms which consume kitchen vege waste and shredded newspaper.  Today I see ants in it – not nesting there – way too wet, but definitely foraging.  They’re not attacking the worms but feeding ants is definitely not what we want to be doing.

So how to get of the ants?  In the past I’ve put the legs in a water moat, but that causes a mosquito hazard eventually.  Then there’s olive oil, which is messy.  I recently read that diatomous earth provides a barrier to ants and is safe for worms… so I think I want to try that.  Years ago, I used diatomous earth against roaches and other pests and I believe it played a part in the complete eradication of roaches around here.


Sugar loving Ants

Posted in ants, house tech with tags on October 6, 2016 by marksun

6 Oct 16 Sugar loving ants have become a pest in the kitchen.  I found the little bottle of prepared borax based ant killer (Terro  Ant Killer) and put out some feeding stations.

In an hour or so, the ants found it and eagerly mopped up what must appear to them to be a mountain of sweet syrup.  They got more to what is about 1cc or ml, total.  I also followed them around and soon traced them to a gap in the lanai wall.  Soon there will not be a gap there but first lets see if the poison works.

Jan 27 2017 – the ants are now potato chip loving ants.  Wierd.  They are still around.  It has been very dry all of January.

ant season

Posted in Seasons with tags , on March 26, 2010 by marksun

It’s ant season again as these small black ants are on the march now and penetrating from the porch to the kitchen. I must find a way to convince them to go somewhere else.