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the vermiculture age

Posted in house tech, recycle on March 21, 2009 by marksun

It’s not quite like having a compost heap in the living room but it is the next best thing.  Kawena”s old school, offered vermiculture bins in a fundraising effort, so for the price of a week’s groceries, we now have a  live Indian Blue earthworms to process our vegetable scraps, coffee grinds, and junk mail and newspapers into earth saving garden mulch.

As soon as I open the bin, the critters dive for cover.  I have no idea how many we have but at least they are alive.  

I am now reading about vermiculture – worm farming – in my spare spare time.  Surprisingly interesting and as in all things, enthusiasts abound.  Certainly Mrs H at AOP is a learned source of wormlore, who I have yet to hit up for advice, such as, what now?  The fruit scrap snacks on the top layer of my “working bin” are slowly decomposing, which produces bite sized  – for earthworms – meals.  I have added some bits of lettuce to the pile.  So far the throughput of this system can  handle only a small fraction of our decomposable household output, but we’re just starting.

Thus I enter the vermiculture age, yet another side path of middle age, and a small new area of tending to occupy my attention.