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weather warnings, but we know it’s raining

Posted in op-ed, people! on November 20, 2009 by marksun

Lee Cataluna had a typically good piece about how fear brings out the grandstanders and self promoters.  The public wants to know about potential danger, and bad news is a marketing opportunity.  As a former newscaster, she could not help but notice the familiar TV media news team mobilization in anticipation of a long awaited really good November storm only to have but the biggest stories being a roof being blown off and or high water in Hanalei.   Now we have  “furlough Friday,” swine flu vaccine,  petty workplace politics;  bosses badgering staff to produce product of little worth but opportunistic self-promotion and everybody knows what’s going on.  How much of the gross national product goes into that kind of garbage?  It’s human nature.  Another opportunity to learn and understand compassion, and leave judgement to others.


Will the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) create a black hole and destroy the Earth?

Posted in op-ed with tags on November 2, 2008 by marksun

If the LHC had any chance in hell as a weapon of mass destruction, the United States would be all over the mf.  In fact, everybody would be rushing to build LHC’s for weapons research and there would be rings of fire under construction everywhere. But where is the world’s only LHC?