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Samsung Galaxy S8 – Samsung UN40MU6300 TV – Samsung Connect Issues- Fixed?

Posted in cellphone, TV with tags , , on May 21, 2017 by marksun

May 21 2017- If all is well with your S8 to Samsung TV connections, I’d like to know what you’re doing right!  I just bought a new Samsung UN40MU6300FXZA TV to replace a Sony Bravia (May 14 2017.  On standup, this TV found my S8 immediately and brought up the “planetaiea” wireless network quickly – seemingly seamless.   Feature-wise and useability, it’s a step up from the old Sony.  The Samsung interface is, ok.

Soon after standup, I find  Samsung Connect, which allows the phone to connect to my TV has some problems, and the closely related Smartview does not work at all.  Initially I was able to watch TV on my phone, nice, bit short range, but it worked. That stopped working the next day and so far it’s still down.  The Android Playstore Smartview app does not connect to the TV … it does find “planetaiea tv” but just spins and eventually crashes.  Smartview is a collection of applications and is a mess – some features work, some don’t.

The Samsung Connect app on the S8 phone does work.  There’s a lot there, five major functions.   Three out of five functions (60%) work. as indicated by the green function list below, but “view tv on phone” has stopped working.

  1. Remote:
  2. Browse Content
  3. Mirror Screen (Smart View)
  4. View TV on phone
  5. Play TV sound on phone – suffers from short range and intermittent signal

Remote works but cannot turn the TV on.  I believe it’s because the TV requires an IR blaster to initially turn on.  After that, a wifi based comm allows the phones remote to work.

View TV on phoneworked on day one, but now no longer connects. Browse Content does not work.  Both apps use Smartview.  Browse content shows two instances of my tv “planetaiea TV”.   Smartview may be a problem.  Uninstall/reinstall. 5/21/17. 1054. No difference. spins on “Connecting to planetaiea TV”.
Google Smartview results are sparse – but there are  rumors of Playstore complaints, and some rumor or of Samsung making changes.  Samsung says nothing helpful, only restates their marketing vision and offers no technical support or any evidence of application updates.   

So far my experience of the phone / tv package is mainly positive – it breaks into new ground with three out of five, but the 40% feature failure is telling.   Amazingly, it’s not a deal breaker because the feature failure are bleeding edge bells and whistles – not the main reasons I have a TV and a cell phone.  I’m mainly happy with both phone and TV.

Restarted the TV setup …  5/21/17
No functional change.  When I try View TV on Phone, black screen for a few seconds, then disconnect.  I see places where there are two S8 phones registered on the TV … could there be duplicate record that is messing up the authentication?  Anyway, it’s for sure a bug and could be a bear as well.

Uninstalled SmartView 5/21/17  — no impact

View TV on Phone – working  — no spoke too soon — it stops working (oct2017)
5/28/17 With the TV off,  for no reason, tried View TV on phone … now it works! In addition, the TV itself was off and remains off.  I can turn on the TV with the phone.  I changed nothing … what happened?

Browse Content – requires SmartView –  loaded – does not work – uninstall-  5/28/17


Performed a software upgrade on the TV 10/6/17.  This in an attempt to get everything working better.  Tried the SmartView App on the phone which led to a control to recognize the specific UN40MU6300FXZA TV model.  The instructions say to turn on the TV with the remote, then allow the TV to connect to the S8.  All attempt to do this failed. Curiously the SmartView App opened up a new functionality to select programming content for the TV, which seems useless to me.

But after this, I tried the “View TV on Phone” option in Samsung Connect and it worked. Once.  After that, Samsung Connect lost both  “View TV on Phone”, and “Play TV sound on phone.”

10/7/17 – Broken Remote  ( This incident below is  the effects of a broken remote. Bought a new one. Fixed Problem.  Example of how crazy troubleshooting this Samsung system can get.)

Turned on TV with the remote and it became apparent that the remote would do nothing except turn the TV on and off, displaying the “Source”  “card” row, but not responding to select.   No buttons worked.   Samsung Connect on the S8 would not connect.  It looked like the TV was going down.   Pretty soon turning on the TV would display the “Source” row then go black.

Fortunately it was too late in the night to destroy the TV by throwing it off the back porch.

Resume troubleshooting.  I examined the TV and found a little button on the back of the TV — facing the screen and reaching around the right bottom corner of the screen, there is a little button that is actually a tiny joystick allowing cursor movement, volume control, channel select by sideways toggle and other tricky but apparently full functionality.  The Samsung remote control itself is remarkably spare.  This is indicative of a software design that is enormously compact providing tremendous and full functionality control from a small number of inputs.  This software design I believe is the reason that Samsung software is so unstable.

At this time (21:39 7 oct 17) I have apparently full remote control of the TV with my S8, but absolutely no control via the remote.   In messing with the controls on the back, I came to a screen which prompted the owner of the Samsung Account if I wanted to give full control to the device – I think it was talking about the S8, and in answering YES, I now have an S8 which is absolute but exclusive master of the TV.  The remote basically does not work.  For no particular reason, at random the remote on/off button functions.  The problem stems from the fact that the remote is not a hardwired IR controller, and the TV responds I think, to direct wifi tcp/ip link. The controller is a tcpip client.  There is authentication/authorization and the S8 is allowed to be the controller, but not the original remote.   The remote used to be the master but no longer.

Now to get the remote control back!

20 oct 17 –  Ordered a new remote – exact replacement, from eBay and it works perfectly.  For the record, the original remote lasted five months before it died.  Probably still under warranty.  I wonder who I would go to for replacement.

20 Oct 17 For some time the View TV on Phone function is working.  A TV software upgrade probably fixed View TV on Phone.  Replacing the remote fixed the remote problem.  So for the first time, everything is back to normal, the way it should be.

5 nov 17 – View TV on Phone broke.  For a while I had a fairly reliable View TV on Phone and thought maybe a software update fixed it, but it broke yesterday.  Working fine, then the screen froze, and that was that.  Reboot phone, power off TV, reboot Amazon Fire ( ok that was a mistake because this is a Samsung problem only ).    Today I accepted an S8 software update from Tmobile. Does not correct View TV on Phone.

6 nov 17 – View TV on Phone.  I found how to recover the View TV on Phone function.
On the TV, go to HOME>Settings>General>External Device > Device Connect Manager> Device List.  select [Phone] Galaxy S8 and delete.  If there are two, delete them all.
Samsung S8: Samsung Connect > View TV on Phone   –
Phone Remote: you may have to “allow” the device to connect by pressing select button

This worked several times.  The failure cause is unclear.  First time today, the phone picture froze, audio still working.  Procedure recovered the function.