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12v tire inflator from Sears

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Price:  ~ $60.

10/1/2017 I really dislike putting air in the tires at crowded gas stations after the tire pressure light goes on.  It’s no longer free.   I used to be able to use the air stations at Fort Shafter where I worked but now, retired, it is a drive down to Kamehameha Highway , now one, 10 mile-long pothole, as Honolulu build’s its rail system, and one of the reasons the tire pressure lights have been going on.  ( ok sure – possible slow leaks in the tire that need attention )

Got one of these from Sears .  So far so good after one use to boost pressure on four tires on a Prius from 25 to 35 psi.  This took about two minutes on each tire.  I like the air-tight screw in  attachment design better than clip on levers or even standard gas station inflators.  The pressure gauge is quite accurate.

Hope it lasts long enough for me to say it was worth the money.  It does not get much use!