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Canon TS6020 Printer, 271 Cartridges

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In March 2017 I bought a Canon TS6020 printer (Amazon $100) which came with a full set of ink cartridges.  At the same time I bought $100 worth of replacement cartridges since two kinds of inventory are required;  black 270 (2 for $46)   and  cyan, yellow, magenta and black 271 cartridges ( $52).

So how about it – Canon TS6020 printer

It’s over a year later August 2018. The printer has proven to be reliable, works well over wifi.  Well designed print and scan driver works fine on Windows 10.  I’m not too concerned with printer security – a hacker would have to stalk me to get at this printer and I’m just not worth it.  Reliability – very.  Scanning – fully adequate resolution, plodding scan speed but creates pdf documents, full feature set for format.   Performance – it’s slow but it gets there.  The convenience is outstanding. – the scanner is adequate – essential for documents.  Color printing is convenient – of course you have to go to a service for volume – no getting around that.  I require and have adequate professional grade printing on demand, but you do have to think your way around print jobs – don’t expect it to be fast, and easy enough for your average 63 year old auntie to work – you have to work with it to get performance out of it.

The bane of living with an inkjet, is paying for inkjet cartridges.  This is probably the most expensive and wasteful aspect of home office computing – the inkjet cartridges exemplify planned obsolescence, maximum non-reuseability,  deliberate sabotage of home refilling operations and other user attempts to reduce the ridiculous cost of cartridges and ink.  So aside the fact that these things work and are beautifully crafted electronic and mechanical masterpieces, they are a huge rippoff.  You just must decide whether you need printing enough to pay top dollar to get it.

The first ink cartridge to go was the big black 270 ink cartridges ~ May/June.
August 2017, I’ve replaced two cartridges, cyan last week, Magenta today, and tomorrow or soon, Yellow.

August 2017 restock:  Canon CLI-271 Value Ink Pack  ~~ $52 Amazon – with four CLI-271 (yellow, cyan, magenta, black), obviously to back up the ink inventory.  At $13 per cart, this is no bargain but one can do worse.

So guesstimate the cost :  If we’ve spent about $100 in ink and printed 1.5 reams of paper (750 sheets) , the cost is about $.13 per sheet just for ink and $.014 for paper or about $.15 per sheet or $72 per ream.

I suppose we need to add the depreciation of the printer over an expected life of 7 years, and add the cost of obsolete cartridge inventory at end of life.  <SIGH>

Feb 13 2018 –  Genuine Canon PIXMA CLI-271 Black, Cyan, Magenta, & Yellow 4 Ink Tanks ( 222836440025 )  $28.95  ebay- one time only

Aug 7 2018  – Canon CLI-271 Ink Pack – $48
Xerox Paper – 800 sheets – $7.

Don’t have a good figure but maybe expect to spend at least $150 a year on cartridges.

It works, I’m glad to have a printer / scanner. And yah, it’s a ripoff, wasteful, and ultimately may eventually prove to be the cause of the destruction of life on earth.  I’d recommend it to a friend or relative if asked.




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August 2017-
While I use it, Robocopy can produce unexepected behavior, and worse, not backup files. I’ll accept the fault as my own for not completely reading or understanding everything available on robocopy. As I discover problems, I’ll try to update here.  I’d be pretty happy with tar or cpio, but it is what it is.

This is pretty good:

robocopy %home%\Pictures %mybk%\Pictures  /XO /FFT
This command does not backup new files and directories on my %home% directory!  I fully expected it to copy new files and folders but IT DOES NOT.  No idea why.

To make it copy all files I added /MIR and got rid of /XO
robocopy %home%\Pictures %mybk%\Pictures /MIR  /FFT

/XO  I had this there to prevent robocopy from copying files that already exist but this may in fact prevent it from copying files that DONT exist on the destination!  removing it.

/FFT is absolutely necessary to make timestamp comparisons work between Windows7 and the LINUX OS on the backup drive – a WD MyBook.  The backup will fail silently without /FFT.

/MIR is supposed to mirror the file dirs of source and destination.  if a file is deleted on the source, it should delete on the destination!

Below are current (aug2017) settings   – in this case for a single \Pictures  directory

set home=”C:\users\xxxxxxx”
set mybk=”Y:\xxxxxxxprofile”

echo Picture Backup Start
robocopy %home%\Pictures %mybk%\Pictures /MIR /FFT