Asus Q200E laptop wifi issues with Windows 10 – and driver fix

Some time after Windows 10 loaded itself on to the Asus Q200E notebook, we noticed wifi connection issues.  Websites would stop functioning and indicated loss of the Internet connection.

Because the Wifi is working on other computers on my network, this is not a home network or home router problem.  The problem is in the Asus laptop and the prime suspect is the wifi device driver.

Device Manager: The driver can be determined from the “Device Manager” > Network adapters
Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter
Old driver: AR9485 Wireless Driver

Hint: Microsoft actually had useful help and I used it to navigate the Windows Start Menu and to access the Device Manager.  

We needed to locate the device driver from the manufacturer.  Luckily Google gets there quickly with this search string : qualcom atheros ar9485.  You want the atheros web site.

I downloaded AR9485 Wireless Driver   here:

The atheros website isn’t easy to use because they support so many products- but the driver is there.



4 Responses to “Asus Q200E laptop wifi issues with Windows 10 – and driver fix”

  1. Mike Neely Says:

    Thank you, i have been trying to figure out what happened to my wireless/internet for 2 weeks. It kept telling me the driver was up to date. This really improved the speed but it’s still not as good as other devices using the router.

  2. I spoke too soon. First Speedtest came back at 10 Mbps, which was great. Since then I am back down around 600 kbps. I must have a hardware issue.

    • marksun Says:

      Super slow / intermittent … something sounds familiar. If the hardware is broken I would think you’d be down. But your other devices are good I guess so you suspect the laptop (as opposed to the network- {modem, router}. With ethernet there are possible issues with full vrs half duplex – or other link level settings. wifi channel conflicts can cause issues, but you’d see it on all devices. On my network, slow performance was caused by a bad router setting (wrt 1900). Good luck! Maybe somebody will come up with something or you’ll solve it soon. Thanks for posting.

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