Tweakbit Malware

Addware called Tweakbit showed up on an Asus laptop.  Tweakbit is nominally a system cleanup utility but in reality it is Addware.  It just showed up on bootup front and center on the screen. If you see it, you need to get rid of it.

Uninstall cannot remove it.

The Fix.  HitManPro-  For current and future reference, this is legitimate and effective software.

  1. download “hitmanPro”
  2. run a “one time only” malware scan
  3. to clean the system, proceed – you will need the temporary license
  4. let HitmanPro run
  5. reboot
  6. go to Control Panel > Programs and Features
    • uninstall Tweakbit

Step 6 turned out to be necessary to get rid of the last trace of Tweakbit.  HitmanPro did not affect the link in the Uninstall utility.  Uninstall reports that Tweakbit has already been uninstalled.  That’s OK and go ahead an remove Tweakbit.

HitmanPro does not appear in the list of installed software.  It may be that the one-time scan is just that and HitmanPro leaves no obvious trace of itself afterward.  Interesting to see software with good manners for a change.

If there are any after-shocks I’ll update.


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