windows 8.1 cannot connect to this network

One day this  Asus SonicMaster Core i3 Win 8.1 laptop got turned on and the wifi was down with the error “Cannot connect to this network.”   No amount of troubleshooting on the laptop fixed it.

The last thing I did – logged into the router admin menu with a browser and checked the router security config.

Post-script – I didn’t reset the router by unplugging at this point.   In retrospect, you should try this first!

Cause – the router security configurations changed from WPA2 Personal, to WPA2/WPA Mixed Mode Personal.  Why? I don’t recall.  No doubt however that it was me that changed it – probably several days ago because I am working on this network a lot – certainly by mistake since we’re using WPA2 Personal .  Did not catch it because no other device was affected including the Amazon Fire box (which would have brought the house down).

Fix – change router security to WPA2 Personal

Outcome: Windows 8.1 box regained network connectivity.



One Response to “windows 8.1 cannot connect to this network”

  1. marksun Says:

    This occured after upgrade to Windows 10 on this sytem ASUS Corei3 laptop too. The laptop would not connect to my Router. A reset of the 2.5 mhz In this case a router reset may have been required to clear it. After a laptop restart, all good.

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