The short life of a GE Helical 26w light

RIP – 22Nov2014 to 16 Sep 2015

This bulb – most likely a Costco item, is supposed to last 9 years.  Tonight I replaced it with an LED 60W equivalent – also from Costco, after less than 1 year.  This gets me wondering …  So a quick look with Uncle Google and it would seelm that GE helicals have a short, sometimes extremely short life, some literally explode. I suppose some simply burn out after a few months of use and maybe some actually last for years.  Who knows? How would you know?  How did GE calculate the life expectancy of these bulbs made in China?

The compact florescent lights (CFLs) have replaced the incandescent light bulbs of yore because of their much lower energy usage, but now I wonder about this whole business of marketing – exagerating, lying (?) about this product.  Who actually goes through the trouble to return a defective light bulb with the receipt ?  Not me.

But I’m done with CFLs and it’s LEDs for me – the best are fine  technology, the worst … must be something less.   I’ve used LED flashlights – and some of the finest and most expensive lights on the market are LED flashlights, and they are superb.  The el cheapo’s are something less than superb.  So it must be with household lights for 120V.



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