Broken Glass in the Dishwasher

Thanksgiving is incomplete without mishap, so I dropped a juice glass on a coffee cup in the dishwasher, and the glass shattered into a hundred pieces.  I thought I got it all but in running the dishwasher there was noise that could only be a piece of glass banging around something spinning.


I’m not the first person to break a glass in the dishwasher.   A google of “broken glass dishwasher” yields hits and I recommend going to look at those immediately.

Meanwhile, the dishwasher in question is  a Kenmore from Sears, Ultrawash, Quiet Guard.   It is the subject of another post on this site.

To make a long story short, only two pieces of glass, each the size of a pea were the offenders, which dropped through the grid underneath the spinning thing with aluminum arms underneath the basket.  To get them out you need to get to the space underneath the arms.  Tweezers are not going to be enough.  See pictures below.

These pieces need to come out.

These pieces need to come out.

If possible , get your son to bend over and do the work.

One  (or one’s son) must be willing to dive in to make this repair.


Requirements for repair:  Self-evident.  you (or somebody) must be willing to disassemble the dishwasher to the extent shown in the pictures above.  Don’t do it if you don’t have a torx wrench that fits the screws.   Also bear in mind that if there is something else wrong besides broken glass in the area we’re talking about, these repair steps won’t fix it.  I would be in over my head for sure.  This worked for me however.

Steps for the repair.   

  1. Remove the slide – in dish basket.
  2. Use a shop vac and get all the glass shards out.
  3. Remove the washer arm thing, (under the elbow in photo #2).   Use a plier to unfasten the retaining nut … it turns opposite of normal to unfasten!   Work the arm loose.
  4. Next there’s a big plastic plate – and again, sorry I have no clue what it is called.  Five TORX screws hold the works in.   Tools:  TORX (star) driver.   My Stanley brand torx wrench doesn’t have the size stamped on it but it’s 0.115″ across the flat and 0.130″ across the points.  
  5. We found two pieces of glass in the cavity under the “big plastic plate” in Step 4.    Use the shop vac to suck up whatever else you might have missed.
  6. Reassemble.


In my case the dish-soap was still in the dish-soap compartment.  Restart the wash and listen for bad sounds.  If all sounds good, that’s it.



  1. flashlight
  2. Torx wrench
  3. flathead (to pry with)
  4. shop – vac,  (powerful and can handle wet)
  5. tweezers might help



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