Computer problem Friday. HP powered off, cannot power on. The ASUS laptop hijacked by “Lightning Speed Dial” malware.

HP Pavillion P6000.   When the xy tried to plug in a USB card, her HP P6000 Win7 machine powered off.   The green LED under the power cable still on, even with the chord unplugged.  Plug  back in, no response from the front panel power button.

Pulled the machine out, disconnected network, USB … the green LED turned off the instant the USB devices were removed.  Hmmmmm.   Plugged stuff back in and pressed power button.  The machine powered on.  When it rebooted, it started downloading drivers from Microsoft Updates.  That took a while but the system seems to be back to normal.

I think that a USB malfunction may have caused the driver to fail, or possibly a corrupt driver caused a fault in the USB device driver set.  In any case, the system seems to have self-healed after unplugging the USB peripherals and going through a complete power off reboot cycle and reloading drivers.

Update– blocked off the right hand USB port on the front of computer as possibly bad (nov2014). 24nov14-D experiences out of the blue shutdown and loading updates.

October 4 2014 SAT

It happened again.  D’s mouse stopped working.  I touched the USB in the back and the computer shutoff instantly.  System down.  Unplugged backup USB cable from front.  Unplugged two USB devices in the back panel.  Still connected to power. Pressed power button. System booted.

ASUS win8 notebook.  xy has complained of pop-ups but has continued to use the laptop so I wasn’t paying too much attention.  However tonight the report was that  Chrome seemed to be wacked with pop-ups and can’t get to gmail!  THAT is bad!  So I have a look and Chrome has been hijacked by Lightning Speed Dial.  Norton doesn’t seem to want to run scans. Not good.  Pulled down signatures for the Norton AV, applied patches to Norton AV which seemed to get it off its butt and start scans.  Now the scans are running.  The first “quick scan” found 20 tracking cookies.  So far the full disk scan is not turning up anything.  Norton did not defend against this Lightning Speed Dial smut.   Speeddial hijacked the machine.  A quick Google check for lightning speed dial hits pretty quick.

It so happens that the “Malware Tips” website has one of the best removal procedures I’ve seen online – best because it is accurate and complete, and most important – it worked!

There is a lengthy procedure to remove the lightning speed dial application, then remove the major The procedure includes downloading and running AdwCleaner.   Done.  Clean.  Reboot. Notebook taking very long time to reboot … “Configuring Windows Updates”  is the big slowdown…

Then download and run MalwareBytes Antimalware Free… <Download Now>  … This one found a couple of lightning speed dial registry keys and removed them .

Finally, downloaded and ran HitmanPro to do a final scan.  System is clean.  Very cool.


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