Repairing a Sony DVD Player Remote Control

This is an OLD DVD player but it still works. The remote however … at best it is intermittent but basically does not power up the player, eject disks, play or work at all.

I fixed mine.  You may be able to as well.  No guarantees however because we’re talking five years plus.

A flathead screwdriver is needed to pry apart the top and bottom halves of the remote – there is a groove less than 1/16″ wide marking the separation. Rotate the blade gently and work your way around to separate the lock tabs. This is all plastic and this procedure will mar the plastic — but it’s better than a broken remote is all I can say. Work your way around gently. You will see the front and back pieces separate as you move past the points of attachment. The two halves will separate.  If you really hacked at the plastic and there are ugly scars, try sanding them off with emory paper or an emory board to get it at least smooth.

I use “Corrosion Block” as a solvent to clean the black traces on the circuit board.  I suppose rubbing alcohol or WD-40 will work too.  If you see any blue crystals from battery acid (all alkaline batteries leak !), gently scrub it off.   Everything snaps back together.

Replace the batteries if they are old.  Alkaline batteries destroy remotes (and anything else they are in) so I don’t recommend salvaging old batteries.  Batteries seem to do more damage if they have a constant drain on them – TV or DVD remotes are not apparently in this category.

See if it worked – good luck!



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