Linksys SRX200 down, enter the WRT1900AC

The SRX200 stopped working last night after being flaky for some time.  It was put in service April 3, 2011 for a service life of just over 3 years.  This seems to be about how it goes with these routers.  Being on continuously for days, weeks, months, and years, it is a short, hot life on the shelf dealing packets.

The WRT1900AC is huge by comparison and comes at a hefty price of $267.77 or so at Best Buy.  It’s a dual band 2.4 and 5 GHZ ,  has USB 3.0 and a SATA USB 2.0 Port enabling it to function as a NAS, 4  Gig  ethernet ports, a Dual core 1.2GHz CPU, and most interesting of all is an OpenSource ready device meaning it will be able to take firmware uploads that will make possible advanced controls for this router, perhaps at the expense of a reasonably good interface.




C-NET gave this router very high marks.

The command interface is accessible using it’s default IP of

The NAS feature is extremely interesting and we’ll be checking that out soon enough.

Setup.  The router comes with minimalist instructions and a DVD.  You do need to go through these steps to activate the router for Internet connectivity.


Printer: MP640R

WIFI: Configured using “Wifi Push Button protected setup”.  The standard select device/passcode approach did not work.


This router produces  10M interference at 28.121581 MHZ.
So far, don’t know how to get rid of this except to turn off the router.  May 18 2014
(Try lowering the data rate which may move the “birdie” somewhere else.)



2 Responses to “Linksys SRX200 down, enter the WRT1900AC”

  1. marksun Says:

    7/6/14Z Sunday — twice had an issue today where the Motorolla Modem required a reset to restore internet connectivity. This is a very intermittent issue. If I had another router I’d plug it in and see if the issue persists, but I don’t know what would cause an outage.
    The level 2 tech (Al) said the modem “wasn’t responding to some commands” although it was “online”, and recommended a reset (power off / unplug coax :: 15 sec ). This restored connectivity. The modem does not “know” it is talking to a router. The router may possibly lose the uplink. If a reboot on the router side does not fix, but a reboot on the modem side does this says that it is the modem that has lost state. This sounds like the modem to me

  2. marksun Says:

    As far as the 28mhz birdie goes, I used the device manager to change the ethernet interface from autonegotiate to 10 mbps / Full Duplex and the bad birdie went away.

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