Amway water filter replacement

Time to replace the AMWAY water filter Uncle Alvin gave us way back in the day.  Every year or two (yikes) we do this.  We’d order the part from Alvin’s son Pono, who would come by to shoot the breeze and install it.   Always an interesting conversation – ask me about  Kamehameha sometime…

The fun part is getting the filter apart.  

Needs some cleaning where the hoses attach …

Removed hoses and marked the dark colored hose nut hose with blue tape.

Found the steel bar I used in the past for this job under the sink.   This is used to wrench apart the filter holder and the reservoir housing.  Counterclockwise to loosen. Left loose, Right = tight. Two man job – one to hold the case using a length of heavy nylon strap ( dog leash ) + WD40 did the trick.  Used small amount of silicone grease on threads and o-ring.

Water goes into the reservoir and pressure forces the water through the filter into the center outlet coupling.  Any contaminants in the reservoir must go through the filter.  Wd40 was washed out thoroughly.  Any residuals will be trapped by the filter.


Item 1
Product ID: Am_com-Full
Product Name: NEW – FULL SIZE – Superior Grade Amway * ® Compatible Fit Water Filters A101, E84, E-85, E-9225, Gen IV Water Treatment System Replacement Water Filter

Attributes: None,
Product Price: $89.99
Quantity: 1
SubTotal:    $89.99
Shipping:    $7.99(Regular Shipping)
Handling:    $0.00
State Tax:   $0.00
Country Tax: $0.00
Grand Total: $97.98


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