Getting the Vaio to talk to Moms internet

Do not power up the laptop yet.

You will need  the BLUE ethernet cable on hand.  This will plug into Moms router on one end and into the  laptop on the other.


Before powering up the laptop do the following

On the front of the laptop is a “wireless on off” slide switch.  Slide to left to turn OFF.

The laptop is in front of you like you’re using it, left side of laptop base near the power cord and ESC key is a plastic door. Pry it open with your fingernail.  It will hang there on a flimsy looking but strong plastic “hinge”. Behind the door are three jacks.  Plug in the blue ethernet cord into the center jack. The little locking tab on the cord “plug” end will be on the bottom , not top.

Plug in the blue ethernet cord if not done yet.


As long as Lib’s router is working you should get an internet connection.

PLAN B:  the above procedure failed or the laptop is already booted. Plan B is to use the USB dongle that was with the blue ethernet cord. Follow the above procedure but instead of the ethernet jack behind the door,  plug the ethernet cord into the dongle, and plug the USB connector on the dongle into the USB port.  I recommend using the rear most of the two USB ports – use the front for the mouse.  I plan B works,  use it.  This worked for me with the laptop powered on.

good luck

PS maybe print this out before you get to Libs …


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