macbook re-in-siliconation

I now have #1 daughter’s old macbook back up after replacing the dead hard disk with a 250G replacement disk,  and re-installing OSX.

The operating system : OS X Version 10.4.11 – a now dated and apparently the last version of “Tiger”.  This version is not supported by Google Chrome.  May want to consider the upgrade at some point? It depends I suppose on how attached I get to this macbook.

Hard disk notes: there are good instructions online for disk replacement.  You need a #4 phillips to get the memory shield out to expose the disk.  The original disk has a metal shield with a pull tab.  This should be removed and installed on the replacement disk with 4 torx 8 screws – which I don’t have – I used a small flathead scewdriver.   There are rubber rails weakly glued in to the drive bay.  When I got the machine, the old hard disk had already been removed.  In fitting the new disk, something was in the way. The right rail had come off and was jammed in the slot – remove it and reinstall the disk with the rubber rail if possible – it will provide shock absorption.  Aside from a few screws and a little care, replacement is easy.

This macbook does not have a built in CD/DVD.  An external USB dvd drive  worked fine to reinstall the OS.  It was not fast to boot or load, just have to wait a bit.  The OSX install menu has a “disk” tab.  Use that to partition the drive.  I sliced mine into 3 partitions, with native MAC filesystem and a UNIX file system which I want to put BSD on for dual boot operation.

Initial impressions.

Boots Fast.
The terminal is UNIX.  sweet
rather big and heavy
supports USB microsoft mouse with wheel… excellent
one button mouse and track pad are OK but not as good as a mouse
not real fast in the WordPress editor, esp using the delete key which I hit a lot.

Battery is “x’ed” out, meaning I believe, that it is dead.  <sigh> Online to Amazon for a $90 replacement unit.  Opted for the OEM battery from the US although, as a battery kind of guy, the aftermarket lipo batteries should be OK.  However there is a you get what you pay for thing going on, so …

OS X 10.4.11
2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
1G 667 Mhz DDR2 SDRAM
MacBook2,1, the 13″ white macbook

Replacement disk:
from Arch computer, 250G 2.5″ SATA for Apple MacBook  $43 + $7 shipping
no surprises, seems to work just fine.


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