Galaxy S Crash! – Sorry Process System Not Responding, Force Close or Wait

The first time I saw the  Android OS system crash, there was an error  “Sorry Process System not Reponding, Force close or Wait?”  The Galaxy S ground to a halt while D (the wife and user of this phone) was messing with her messed up contacts .   Stuff would hang , so nothing.  Settings>Call Settings would hang.  Checked the  Task Man (task manager for viewing running, sleeping, or active processes), there was a whole page of active processes.  My first thought, maybe zapping them will help?  Result:  no, killing the proceses does not help.

Time to reboot.

The first crash lead to my first reboot on an Android phone.  Google for a procedure, then  the two button reset (pres Volume UP + On button at the same time)… also known as  a “soft” reset.  The “hard” reset wipes the data – not my first option.   For most of us, that kind of reset is to be avoided at all costs.

The soft reset got the  phone to reboot without losing any data.

Could I also have powered off the phone (with the power button)? In this case no,  the phone would not respond to a normal power off.


5 Responses to “Galaxy S Crash! – Sorry Process System Not Responding, Force Close or Wait”

  1. 2/20/11 another out of the blue crash. reboot on+upvol… D got the new OS upgrade a couple of weeks ago.

  2. Says:

    got the same problems now – ever since last update

  3. Steps to take when small consumer electronics crash:
    1. Take the battery out.

    You’re done.

    • marksun Says:

      The final solution: leave the battery out ! 🙂
      This would be the next thing to try if the soft reset failed.

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