SD madness and the Samsung Galaxy S Android Phone

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The Android smart-phones are amazing, and I will say it – they take hours of experimenting to figure out.  Today I decided I’d add some music to Doris android phone, a Samsung Galaxy S.  So – get the phone to an idle state (now I know it may be safest to use TaskMan (task manager) to kill everything running,  and hope a call doesn’t come it), then Settings>SD CArd and phone storage> unmount SD card.  Popped off the back plate, and removed the tiny SD card.  On my computer, created a Music folder and put music in it.  Card works fine. After putting the SD card back in the phone, I got a red triangle ! indicator on the pull down shade device at the top of the screen and an error  “unable to mount external SD card. Mount point is absent or incorrect.”   Not good.

So there is almost nothing on the Internet about this error, and what is there is not relevant.  It looked like a bug (why would unmounting the SD card queer up the  OS?).  After a couple of fun-filled hours, I noticed that the “Phone Storage” section of the “SD card and phone storage” menu of the Settings application was unmounted.  Selected “Mount phone storage”, and the internal storage mounted and the external SD card mounted too.   The internal storage probably unmounted when the device was face down with the backplate off and just by chance the unmount command got touched off.

After this, I found that the music player would not play sound.  Now what?  As it turned out, the bluetooth was playing the sound;  it took me some time to figure out that was the problem.  From the music player “Now Playing” screen, the Menu has a button to toggle the media sound from BluTooth to Phone and back.

Music Player:
Put mp3 files in the root dir of the SD in a “Music” folder.  The mp3 metadata in the mp3 file are used by the music player to group by Artist, Album.   There is a playlist feature too. I don’t know how it handles a folder hierarchy.  It may scan the SD on mount for file information to preload this kind of info.

Sound: for a tiny device the sound is not that bad


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