The Guy on the Couch

Number one son has been “da guy on the couch” for the past couple of weeks while staying on Oahu, initially to take a substitute teaching certification, and having passed that,  to enjoy the rewarding social life available in Honolulu to one of his enviable though temporary status.  Although for him on Oahu there’s no car, not much money, and the need to spend some time with the parents, it’s a good time and one of expanding vocabulary.  To illustrate the “guy on the couch concept”, he told a story about a friend who was the guy on his couch a couple of years ago.  The place was in Kaimuki, famous for it’s suffocating heat at night, so sleeping outside, in the lanai, on the couch was pretty normal thing on any given night.  The friend was temporarily homeless, and we all understand, that’s very different from being Homeless.  Anyway, The gotc was shaken from sleep by the earthquake  (2008?). Earthquakes are unusual here so it is somewhat understandable that when the ground started to move, survival instinct caused him to leap to his feet  and dart into the lawn,  only to be confronted by a large, local,  prone-to-anger-management-issues and equally confused  neighbor across the back fence who, seeing the a guy in his underwear running around, immediately tagged him as the cause of the earthquake so started yelling,  “what you did?!!!  who the fuck are you” with sufficient aggression and hostility to prompt the guy on the couch to bolt from the yard and run screaming down the street in dazed terror and confusion.  This  illustrates one of the possible scenarios experienced by guys on the couches.

I suppose there are instances where the guy on the couch has to got to give up the couch to it’s original purpose of making the home of its owner more comfortable, marking the transition from staying with friends to being Homeless.  That’s the darker side and we leave it at that.


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