Interisland Ferry

The biggest screwup of  the Lingle administration was the backdoor handling of the Hawaii Superferry  and it’s ignominious failure.  Travel between the islands is completely dominated by air and getting more expensive.  Now anything but hand carried baggage costs ten dollars as carriers wring extra bucks every possible way. I’d like to see the next adminstration, hoperully Abercrombie’s, do better and work to broaden the means of linking these islands and explore travel by sea again.  And, Oahu is obsessed with this rail project which does absolutely nothing for those of us with families on other islands – distancing communities and generations.  There were many who opposed the ferry because of the change they felt it brought, people from Oahu bringing their crowd mentality to the outer islands.   I think the advantage goes to the outer islands.   Communication and transportation bring money and are equalizers, and the outer islands need these.  At the same time, Oahu money should be used to improve the infrastructure to counterbalance the impact of  transportation. I hope that this idea has traction in this administration, and that some kind of interisland ferry becomes a part of our future.


One Response to “Interisland Ferry”

  1. Read recently that the military (Navy? Army?) may bring these vessels back. The public can’t afford vessels like this but the Military can? This is how we spend our money, and the fact that we tend to see this is as a normal situation is probably why the country is broke.

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