Primary Election 2010

I’m happy about Neil Abercrombie winning.  Of the  politicians running for Governer, Neil comes closest to what I believe in.   While I understand the pragmatism of the money first doctrine that is so prevalent, I sometimes sense that this comes of the callousness in society that is developing.  People like what appear to be hardcore business first approaches, but these days  that can also provide the cover for predators, like those jerks that  infiltrated the Bush presidency.  Peter Carlisle in his first interview immediately says that it is all about the money the money the money.  Duke Aiona wants to know how is opponent Neil will “balance”, whatever that means,  the budget.  I hear a lot of Money first.  Power first.  Mission first.  Aggressive attack on a problem! This is the way of war.  This is the wrong approach.  I want people to be first.  People first.  People first!  I think, I hope that Neil puts people first.


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