The Angry Boatsman – a tale of Enraged Neurons

It is surreal to hear at work the news about a guyI know, now under indictment, arrested by the police and released on $40,000 bail for terroristic threatening.  There is video of a boat wildly charging at high speed a boatload  of  Japanese tourists on a para-sailing adventure.   I would say though that he could have rammed them easily if murder was his intent, so terristic threatening fits. He paused to  hurl verbal abuse at this terrified audience before  tearing up Rock Piles surf break outside the Ala Wai harbor, then continuing his berserk assault on a rubber dingy in the Ala Wai, finally colliding with a boat moored at the Chevron dock.    Ted K had had a number of episodes of erratic behavior and anger over the years I’ve known him.  An apparently worsening trend continues  into his middle age. It is fortunate no one was seriously hurt, and very sad to witness this fall from grace.  At the same time I have to admit I find this bizarre episode is morbidly fascinating.  We all have our share of enraged neurons in our own brains, but held in check by something that snapped in Ted.


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