German Grand Prix at Hockenheim

Controversy over Ferrari team orders taints another Alonzo victory, this time at the expense of Masa. Alonzo is quicker than Masa but Alonzo but he complains to the team that he should be let through. Team orders come down, Masa creates a hole the size of Stuttgart, and Alonzo passes. In the aftermath, Ferrari is fined $100G for violation of the team orders rule. What I Ching hexagram would describe this situation I wonder. In the fair fight, Masa should have won this race. Vettel – seriously bad start from the pole ends up coming out of turn 1 in third behind Alonzo and Masa who got past both. Could he have defended his position better or gotten a better jump off the start viz the Ferrari’s? Oh yes. The hardwsare packages may be equal at Hockenheim. Vettel has had problems starting… Hamilton doing the best he could blew by Webber on the straight on lap 1, leveraging a low downforce wing setup. Webber pits on lap 13 to be overtaken by Button 9 laps later, who conserving and pulling time out of his soft option tires, ran nine laps longer than Webber and came out ahead when he rejoined the race from pit lane on lap 22. That is some calculated racing and great execution, and Button’s strong point! Around lap 43 Webber has oil consumption problems and is ordered to hold rather than challenge. Grand Prix dot calm has the usual great race report.

Hamilton has had a tough year personally with his pop. Has this had an impact? He’s got the same package as Button and is 14 ahead in the points. McLaren leads the points, Webber and Vettel are tied, with Red Bull arguably in possession of the better car. It’s driver over the hardware overall then – and consistency shows in the points. And Luck. Next up, Budapest!


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