LD10, 18560 4sevens tube

4 sevens order came in today (1st class mail) 6 days delivery from Sat order.

LD10 –  XRE Q5  120, 9, 47, 94  lumen light
18560  4sevens battery tube
123A lithium rechargeable battery spare

Fenix LD10 – My first impressions are good – a nice feeling, compact, but not too compact AA light.   With a GP2200 AA nimh  and the same led as the ta20, it has  a beam comprable to the Fenix TA20 VI setting. This light is larger than the P1D, my first Fenix, but small enough for EDC.  It’s about 2cm longer than the Quark 123.  The LD10 has crenelation on both the front end and tail end – a  subtle weaponizing design which gives it a small but significant macho edge over the Quarks.  Overall the Fenix lights feel a bit more refined than the Quarks – little things, smoothness of the anodizing, the faceted tube sections.  This would be a good light for an open ocean voyager, or as an EDC.

The LD10 has  two twist selectable modes, high/strobe, and  4 lower, to flash/sos.   Overall the two modes make the light usable in everyday life … walking at night, extended reading which requires for me between 18 and 50 lumens .   The flashing modes are interesting, tolerable for that reason,  but  more or less useless in day to day application.

18650 4sevens tube.  I’m using it to convert a Quark AA2.  Installing is initially a little confusing since the tube is a different design.  Where the 2xAA tube was open at both ends, the 18650 tube is closed at the negative battery terminal. The battery is inserted from the front of the tube instead of the rear. The switch goes over the closed end of the tube. The tube has a clip on it. The clip retainer ring must screw down tight or the light will not switch on.   Couldn’t hurt to ship a little diagram with it.  For me it’s a good upgrade but not a no-brainer at $25.  Based on the usage I get with the Fenix TA20 and 18650’s, I expect to get much better battery capacity than I’m seeing from my current niMh AA inventory along with a brighter max output.  The Quark’s have really excellent low light options so higher energy performance with approximately the same footprint is good.  The AA2 tube will go into the civil defense kit along with the pork and beans,  gas stove and radios.


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