avatar – the movie

I liked this movie.  The animation / simulation is superb, lifelike, seamless.  It does seem to be a composite of familiar themes…

Aliens2 – hibernation – neat zero gravity scenes – as characters (including SigWeaver / Ripley) wake up.  A business like spaceport complete with manned exoskeletons – beefier than the one Ripley runs in Aliens2, but same idea.

Planet Pandora is gorgeous but a military industrial outpost – we’re still in Aliens2 mode. The Firm is after “Unobtainium”, the Military is there to protect and kick some ass, and the Scientists are there as missionaries/botanists/biological engineers and neurogenius  Then the Avatar experiment is revealed – gorgeous 8 foot tall gollums floating in amniotic fluid awaiting activation – and the Matrix comes online.

Our guy is a paraplegic Marine, the hard as nails Marine Colonel is great, the female Hispanic helicopter pilot is Vasquez, reincarnated.

Pandora is the Ewok planet from Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Apocalypse Now.

Weaver is great but gradually shifted out of her initially judgmental and gruff character to a kinder and softer – who cares though – it was for the better.


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