o ring lubes

I’ve got Fenix and Surefire lights with aluminum bodies and rubber o-rings.  Threads and o-rings require lubrication every so often.  The main considerations are that it provides lubrication for the o-rings and threads which may get a fair amount of rubbing over time.  The lube should be chemically inert for the material so it does not attack the o-ring, it should be non-toxic in case you hold the light in your mouth (we all do that), it should stay put (grease and not oil), and be waterproof.

Lots of lubes qualify and many do not.

Rubber o-rings should not be lubricated with petroleum based greases because of the possibility of chemical interaction and breakdown of the o-ring material.  Silicone based greases are best for this application.

Last go-round I used Green Slime from the RC-Car toolbox.  This works fine, but it’s expensive and since I don’t have a lot of this, I’ll reserve it for RC car shocks.

I tried the white FG EP bearing grease … works fine but it’s mineral oil base with an aluminum complex thickener – did not see adverse effects but over time it may get to the o-ring.  Otherwise it’s great grease for a lot of things.  Probably OK.

Recently I found an old tube of  Archer Lube Gel with Teflon (Radio Shack).   This is at least five years old, maybe even 10, in perfect condition, has the right specifications and has been tested by others.  It came in a 3oz tube and I have at least 2+ oz left.

This is a Synco product.  See http://www.rrtoolsnsolutions.com/lubricants/SuperLubeDiff.asp for a description.   This stuff is non-toxic, non-corrosive, inert, won’t wash off, disperse, break down, or turn rancid.  does not attract dust, impervious to water and salt water, superior adhesion-stays put, -45-650 degF.  It is non-petrochemical and non-silicone.  It is safe on plastics and rubber and metal, can be mixed with other lubes. Primarily it’s a PTFE in a gel suspension. It is fairly thick – translucent clear white.


Candlepower forums posts show this is works fine for Surefire and Fenix o-ring lights. I’m sure it’s fine for the threads too.


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