lights of the fourth generation

Fenix P1D 2009, Lumapower LM33 2009, Inova X5 2006, and Surefire 8X 2004?.


5 Responses to “lights of the fourth generation”

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  2. I gave the LM33 to Joel and another to Benny.
    In Hilo I took a pictur of the lights at the house, including an old everready, a couple of headlamps in bad shape, a 2AA maglite, an recent succesful effort by Energizer (Hardcase Work) 2 DD to reach my sister… the typical retail solutions to getting reliability in place. The battery companies don’t have a big stake in efficiency, now so they…

  3. HPX21 Xenon bulb, 4xAA Energizer Hardcase Work

  4. My first edc was a palm sized yellow plastic 2AA duracel flashlight back in the seventies. It was simple and reliable – I carried them for years traveling, backpacking, camping, hunting, fishing etc. I probably went through three or four until the maglight AA came out. That became the standard light for many years – I went through many. It’s only now that I realize they could be repaired by working with the factory, or with the Internet (when they first came out, there was no Internet). Then various headlamps, sealed beam lights, 2D, 2C, 3Ds. In our family camping years I discovered 4D and 8D fluorescent tube lanterns that were safe to use around kids and inside a tent… we have gone through a half dozen or more of these. There’s going to be more on lights.

  5. LM33- I got these for the boys. These are clickies with a high/low. Don’t throw like the P1D which is also brighter. Overall I think the P1D is the better light, but the LM33 is arguably more practical. One thing I like is that there is a glow in the dark strip on the edge of the lens, so you can find the light in darkness. The Fenix P1D is a bit over the top with the strobe and SOS modes which do not have much practical usage, so gets minus points for add-on cost for gimmickery.

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