maglight upgrade

I’m going to upgrade my 3D Maglite flashlight.  Today I bought a replacement switch cover to replace the one that was lost (it is now in place), and soon I will buy a drop-in LED lamp to up the light output from about  40 lumens with it’s incandescent bulb to over 140+.   That will turn the old flashlight into something blinding as well as massive.  Why? It is good to have a bright light in a dark place.  So what if it is totally blinding and therefore useless if I want to read a map with my new light? For this kind of flashlight, there is no such thing as overkill!

As for Maglites claim of 22000 peak beam candlepower, that figure cannot be compared to lumens. Probably lumens can be focused to the same peak beam spread angle and the candlepower measured, but that is a function of the reflector, lens system as much as the actual emitter.


2 Responses to “maglight upgrade”

  1. marksun Says:

    Dropped in the LED module. The result. Long narrow throw, a very tight spotlight. Bright but the beam is either narrow, or else has a large dark spot in the middle if set to spread. So the Mag optics don’t work well for this module it would seem. Had to try it though.

  2. Sometime this year I lost the maglight to a camping trip. Too bad, I had some history with this light but will not be buying another giant D cell flashlight again.

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