there’s no such thing as nothing

It seemed natural to me that there was such a thing as nothing, so it came as a surprise when I realized one day that I live in not “a” but “the” vacuum, albeit a cluttered one.    Even where there is material strewn everywhere like the room I’m in right now, hiding between the desk and chairs, cups, junk, and their molecules and atoms, in the space between the bits of every thing, there is the vacuum.

One of the main takeaways from the Nobel laureate crowd is that the vacuum, the space,  is the primary ingredient of physical reality.

When you put enough energy together in the vacuum –  stuff comes flying out.   This is what the big particle colliders are all about.  We tend to think of what goes on there as like colliding trains together and picking through the bits, but what  is happening is that the particle collisions release energy and that energy is transferred to the vacuum.  What we see is what the vacuum comes up with given that much energy.  Given enough energy and the vacuum creates matter.

The material world of matter we’re familiar with is  energy trapped and bound  to become the stuff of our universe, the ultimate something from nothing.


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