the coconut wireless

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The wife asked me “what era is the coconut wireless?”  As in the case of many such questions I get from this person, I find I don’t know.  But this doesn’t stop me from guessing.

Around here, Hawaii, it means the local gossip network.

I first heard those words “coconut wireless”  on the Aku Head Pupule radio show in the  fifties.  There was a short radio jingle (minor key refrain “on the coconut wireless” twice, ending with a comical rising note from a kettle drum.  Aku was on every morning and our radio was on every morning, so I probably heard the show and the refrain a few hundred times before I was four years old.


Sony Bravia is Toast – Double Image

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My 40″ Sony Bravia suddenly shows double images.   The problem is not related to the data source and affects TV RF, HDMI inputs from devices like the Amazon Fire.  This TV is toast.  Probably five years old  There’s not much point in trying to chase down the problem – component failure somewhere for sure but sad to say it’s not worth the time to troublshoot, though I might be up to salvaging things like wire, screws, connectors, the power supply, etc.

Its replacement:  Samsung UN40MU6300FXZA  on sale now for $450 at Best Buy.   The setup was simple.  Plug everything in, power up.  And, very interesting, it picked up my Galaxy S8, asked to use my account and router access, and connected directly to my network.  Amazon Fire came up immediately.  Antenna and local channels were there.  The TV has 10 W audio of audio per channel, 20W total.  Samsung utilities allow playing audio through the phone which makes an amazing difference in the amount of power needed to hear the program.  I tested mirroring my S8 to the TV and it just works – over wifi – no HDMI connection needed.  It’s definitely a  light year beyond my old 40″ TV.     How’s the picture?  Looks great .  Is it better than the Sony? Probably, but I wasn’t dissatisfied with the Sony either.  The one thing the S8 cannot do is function as a TV remote because of its lack of an ir blaster so the Galaxy S8 and Samsung UHDTV are not a complete package, but there’s a lot there, but it’s not the TV’s problem.  

washing machine supply valves advice from Wayne

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20171120_135410.jpgHad a close call with the washing machine supply valve – stuck open, turned it to off, but it leaked from the stem.  Was able to tighten the nut and shut down the leak.

According to my plumber Wayne, don’t open the valve all the way.  From the shutoff position, turn 2 turns max.  If the valve is all the way open it will stick open.

When you crack the stuck valve, it will/may leak.  Turn all the way off, then on two turns and tighten the nut.

Other advice from Wayne – go to City Mill and buy the armored hoses, that one can be left on all the time.

He thought initially that maybe the problem was that we were turning the valve on and off…

Samsung UN40MU6300FXZA TV Remote Broke

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October 8  2017.  For a while I thought the TV was bricked after a software upgrade.  At nearly the same time the remote stopped working. The coincidence is completely baffling.   Fortunately my S8 phone is fully functional as a remote so it must be the remote.

On the remote, the red led blinks stupidly at odd times.  Changed batteries etc.  It may turn the TV on and off and no other buttons work.

Oct 13 2017. ordered  from ebay (lpdtrading) for $25 + $5 for USPS Priority Mail

Remote Model Code: BN59-01266A   (Model Name: RMCSPM1AP1)

The remote is listed by the code.  Nobody seems to know its name.

New Original Samsung BN59-01266A Replacement for BN59-01265A TV Remote Control

10/19/17 – the new remote came in, slipped in the batteries and all is well.


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Ants in the worm bin

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I can explain.  I keep a set of plastic bins to for raising red composting earthworms which consume kitchen vege waste and shredded newspaper.  Today I see ants in it – not nesting there – way too wet, but definitely foraging.  They’re not attacking the worms but feeding ants is definitely not what we want to be doing.

So how to get of the ants?  In the past I’ve put the legs in a water moat, but that causes a mosquito hazard eventually.  Then there’s olive oil, which is messy.  I recently read that diatomous earth provides a barrier to ants and is safe for worms… so I think I want to try that.  Years ago, I used diatomous earth against roaches and other pests and I believe it played a part in the complete eradication of roaches around here.

12v tire inflator from Sears

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Price:  ~ $60.

Got one of these from Sears to boost chronic low tire pressures.  So far so good after one use to boost pressure on four tires on a Prius from 25 to 35 psi.  This took about two minutes on each tire.  The hose connector screws on easily and securely with minimal leakage.  I liked the screw in design better than those with flimsy clip on levers or even standard gas station inflators.  The pressure gauge is quite accurate.  I checked tire pressure with a standard tire gauge to check on it.

Does not have automatic pressure cutoff feature – personally I wouldn’t want one as it adds breakable complexity to an already obviously low cost tool.

The spec on the box states 30 PSI.   I had concerns about this as most tires need more pressure than this.  An inspection of the pressure gauge shows pressures well above 30 PSI.  Obviously, the 30 PSI spec is meaningless to me.

I didn’t find much by way of reviews before I bought it.  Later I find  a number of reviews which point to possible durability problems with the hose connector, 12V  plug, fuse, and motor with damage reports after a couple of uses.

At this point – sorry – this article won’t help with only one usage.  I’m thinking that the design seems to be reasonably solid …  but QA issues are possible for sure;  maybe inspect the parts carefully for defects at the store, before buying it ?  And put in enough usage within the in-store return warranty period.

If it works for 10 inflations, it will be a break even value for me as I really dislike filling tire pressure at gas stations after the tire pressure light goes on.  I would pay a kid $6 to pump up my tires rather than drive down to Kamehameha Highway  which is now one 10 mile-long pothole as Honolulu build’s its rail system.

Some Reviews can be found here:

Canon TS6020 Printer, 271 Cartridges

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In March 2017 I bought a Canon TS6020 printer (Amazon $100) which came with a full set of ink cartridges.  At the same time I bought $100 worth of replacement cartridges since two kinds of inventory are required;  black 270 and  cyan, yellow, magenta and black 271 cartridges.

The first ink cartridge to go was the big black 270 ink cartridges ~ May/June.
August 2017, I’ve replaced two cartridges, cyan last week, Magenta today, and tomorrow or soon, Yellow.

To restock:  Canon CLI-271 Value Ink Pack  ~~ $52 Amazon – with four CLI-271 (yellow, cyan, magenta, black), obviously to back up the ink inventory.  At $13 per cart, this is no bargain but one can do worse.

So guesstimate the cost :  If we’ve spent about $100 in ink and printed 1.5 reams of paper (750 sheets) , the cost is about $.13 per sheet just for ink and $.014 for paper or about $.15 per sheet or $72 per ream.

I suppose we need to add the depreciation of the printer over an expected life of 7 years, and add the cost of obsolete cartridge inventory at end of life.  <SIGH>